Trial Operation in Germany

Within the scope of the C-ITS Corridor project, Hessen Mobil implemented the open trial operation of the cooperative system developed in the project in 2017 and sent a roadworks warning via ETSI G5 to selected short-term roadworks via the trailers. Hessen Mobil equipped trailers of the road maintenance authorities with the necessary technology to thoroughly test and evaluate the system components, the overall system and the operational processes during the operational road service.

In the period from 08.06.2017 to 27.07.2017, around 100 test trips to 53 different use cases took place in the Frankfurt area with the participation of automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as interested parti­ci­pants in the test area. The newly developed technology was tested under real road conditions.

The results of the trial operation show that the ETSI ITS-G5 technology for the Near Field Communication in road traffic has reached a level of maturity that enables the deployment of co-operative systems in the field and their regular operation.

Summary evaluation trial operation

In the C-ITS-Corridor project, the cooperative headquarters is linked to the mobility data market (MDM), via which the construction site information is made available to third parties.

Documents for the trial operation