Political Dimension

Human and Environmental Benefit

C-ITS is one of a number of national and international research projects that demonstrate the usefulness and practicality of cooperative systems in road transport. The common goal of the project is to make individual mobility efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Political borders have little meaning for individual mobility. Precisely for this reason research projects on cooperative systems possess a political as much as a cross-border dimension - at a national and international level.

The Federal German Government pursues three main objectives in connection with cooperative systems:

More Security

In order for motorists to be able to drive proactively, they should be informed about the traffic situation and dangers early on. An improved flow of information can significantly contribute to the prevention of accidents and road casualties.

Better Traffic Flow

The control of traffic flow is to be more differentiated, efficient and faster. To accomplish this, the traffic control centres receive precise and comprehensive information on traffic conditions from vehicles.

Reduced Emissions

A more efficient use of the road network reduces congestions and lowers CO2 emissions.

In a first step C-ITS concerns itself with the following applications (more will follow):

  1. Road Works Warning (RWW),
  2. Vehicle Data for improved traffic management.