Common Initiative:
The Netherlands – Germany – Austria

The official launch

The transport ministries of the three countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the following areas:

  • development of a common implementation schedule for the implementation of the first C-ITS applications
  • definition of common conventions that ensure a harmonised interface with the vehicles in the three countries
  • construction of roadside equipment/systems along the motorway corridor Rotterdam - Frankfurt - Vienna for the first C-ITS applications
  • definition of a common implementation strategy for further C-ITS applications on motorways

For the introduction of the first applications of cooperative systems development projects are running in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. They concern organisational, functional and technical aspects. The preparation and the gradual introduction of the new technology are carried out in close cooperation with the partners at a European level. These include standardisation organisations, the Amsterdam Group and the European Commission.

Joint statement of the C-ITS Corridor partners on the proposed Delegated Act on C-ITS (11.04.19):

Based on the MoU signed by the respective ministers in 2013 the Netherlands, Germany and Austria are working on the deployment of cooperative, intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) on a Rotterdam – Frankfurt – Vienna motorway corridor. The first mature applications have been successfully specified and tested, not only within all three corridor countries, but also cross-border and in cooperation with the automotive industry.

C-ITS should ultimately connect all road users, all vehicles and all traffic managers, allowing them to exchange messages, share and use information in real time, allowing coordination of their actions at an entirely new level. This contributes to road safety, traffic efficiency and limiting environmental impact. The legal basis for the C-ITS corridor has been the ITS directive (2010) and a lot of work and experience has been brought into the European regulation process by the project partners.

The Delegated Act builds on the experience and will be the framework for harmonised European deployment and safe investments.

The Delegated Act ensures the legal certainty of C-ITS deployment, speeds up coordination of different stakeholders as well as geographical continuation of C-ITS services throughout the EU.


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