Vehicle Data for improved traffic management

The roadside C-ITS infrastructure will continue to collect data from vehicles and transfer it to the Traffic Control Centre. It is solely about safety related information as to incidents on the road, their capacity as well as interference in traffic flow. So far, traffic management can only partly rely on vehicle-based data, because it is often not available at all or only to a certain extent.

Data on traffic load can currently only be collected with the help of specially installed monitoring stations (e.g. stationary sensors). However, the necessary infrastructure is not yet available for the entire road network. A lot of event-driven information is not recorded at all.

The inclusion of vehicle data in traffic management pays off in many ways:

  • avoiding congestion through optimised route and network control
  • improvement of incident management
  • access to vehicle data independent from commercial suppliers through direct data collection on the road and thus entry into a new "core technology" in traffic management
  • distribution of C-ITS technology, to make it available to other applications.