Road Works Warning (RWW)

Avoid collisions with Mobile Variable Message Systems

A special application of cooperative systems is the road works warning. Vehicles approaching mobile road works are warned early on via the car's own display systems. The drivers are provided with an indication of the position of the road works and its traffic flow. The warning is in addition to the static signage. In addition, the exact location of the road works is transmitted to the Traffic Control Centre. This comprehensive/nationwide information is still not available there.

The main advantages of issuing timely road works warnings are:

  • increased safety of the road works personnel
  • increased traffic safety in the motorway network
  • information from the traffic control centres about the current position of road works
  • improved site management

The road works warning is a great way to make the basic idea of cooperative systems known and popular. For the benefits are obvious and understandable for all road users. Thus, the way is paved for the further application and dissemination of this technology.

Communication path 1: Information sent from a Mobile Variable Message System, via a service provider, to the vehicle. The driver is alerted timely, prior to reaching the Mobile Variable Message System, by the traffic control centre via the wireless network. Under certain technical conditions, the driver receives additional information, the duration and the reason for obstruction, for example.

Communication path 2: The Mobile Variable Message System sends information regarding its position directly to the vehicles approaching it by means of ETSI G5-WLAN.